WWE Build N’ Brawl 3.75” Sgt. Slaughter

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WWE Build N’ Brawl 3.75” Sgt. Slaughter

I got this before waaaay back, before they announced the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter figure.

Strange but based on his card, Sarge should have camo paint, I guess they did a running change to cut costs?

Comes with part of the cage for the WWE ring.

SGT. Slaughter!

I prefer to have the elbow pads removed to make the elbows more poseable.

Sarge’s left hand can hold a standard GiJoe rifle.

His hat is glued on.

No holes for foot pegs, Sarge doesn’t come with his swagger stick or foot base either.

Nice boot detail.

The Joe heirachy is complete!

Supposedly Sgt. Slaughter and Beach head take turns training the troops but generally, Sarge outranks Beach head.

According to the Wiki, Sarge is the toughest Joe there is.

Sgt. Slaughter versus Serpentor.

Welcome to boot camp, maggots! I’m Sgt. Slaughter, special drill instructor for GiJoe.

Time to teach you jokes how to stomp snakes!

Give me 2000 push ups maggots!!

The only down side is that the scale is a bit off, he’s a bit shorter compared to the Hasbro Gijoe figures. The plus side is that he’s very poseable, even has jointed wrists.

From his GiJoe toy commercial:

Don’t mess with Sgt. Slaughter,
he’s as tough as they come.
He can take on a bunch of Cobras
and send them on the run!


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