Yamato G-NU Danguard Ace

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Yamato G-NU Danguard Ace


It’s big! measures 19×14 Inches!


Guard Launcher go!

Remember to hyper extend Danguard’s thighs to make him “taller”.

Danguard Ace

You can also opt to keep Danguard’s wings on (similar to the old Popy Vintage toy and this also appeared in some of the episodes too if I remember right).

Simply replace the cylinders on Danguard’s back with the spare tubes for inserting wings into.

I think the upcoming lighter “metallic” blue version should make this look even more like the vintage toy.

Double shaft! (“Spartan Javelin” in the Force Five dub)

Teleportation Punch! (“Proton Punch” in the Force Five dub)

The arm connects pretty well thanks to this ball joint.

In the series, Danguard mostly fires “energy” bolts from his arms, but he did fire the whole fist in one episode.

Teleportation Missiles!

To open the chest plate, first extend out the plate then open.

The Pulsar Cannon Parts

Pulsar Cannon!

With the GNU Hagane Groizer X

With the SOC Iron Gear.

Admittedly, the scale is a bit off, supposedly Danguard is around 200 Meters in the Anime while the Iron Gear is around 130+ Meters

Shogun Warriors
-Waaay back in the 1980’s, Marvel published a 20 issues of Shogun Warriors, featuring Combattra, Raydeen and Dangard in a team up, with a revised background story involving only 3 pilots, an American, an African American and an Asian girl. The three would take turns piloting the Super Robots. It was pretty much a mess.

Funfact-Danguard Ace creator Leiji Matsumoto (of the Captain Harlock, Galaxy Railways fame), was rumored to have hated this particular creation with a vengeance.

According to the story, Leiji Matsumoto never intended the series to have a super robot, it was the networks that “worked” the Danguard Ace robot into the show, as “super robots” were the guaranteed hit at the time. Supposedly, Leiji still treats Danguard as the unwanted love child until this day.

Funfact 2-Danguard didn’t appear until the 13th episode in the series (making the story more character driven)

Funfact 3-(spoiler!) Mr. X /Captain Mask died in the Japanese version after he was finally unmasked to be Takuma’s father. In the Force Five version, they never actually killed him off, just said they left him on Earth to “recuperate”.

The Good
-Weighs roughly 900 grams!
-Stands approximately 11 Inches tall.

-Diecast parts include
–most of the upper torso (except for the chest plates,)
–lower legs (Except the feet, they’re plastic)
–shoulders and forearms

-Diecast landing gear

-Ratchet joints in the elbows, knees, shoulders. None in the hip joints though.

Screw hole plugs.

-You can download the Danguard Ace papercraft Hangar for the Satellizer here(password required, password is included with the manual):

I’m not sure if it’s a one time only download.

The Bad
-Teleportation Missiles are a real pain to plug in.
-The head’s really small without the Helmet plugged in.

-The Danguard’s legs are connected in Satellizer mode by this little peg. Be careful not to lose it (it’s packed along with the screw hole plugs). Plus it’s hard to pull out from the legs without pliers.

-Possible paint chipping area? The Danguard locks in via this ridge, though it didn’t chip on the 2 times I transformed Danguard, I’m not sure how long it will last, given that it’s painted metal.

!!Waning!! Pointy!! Watch out for the tips of the helmet. I practically cut myself on these! Given that they were plastic, they’re reeeeally sharp!

-Scraping! This can’t be avoided though. you have to shaft out the shoulders to get more range of poses. Luckily the flakes can be rubbed off with a Q-tip(cotton bud).

-I had some difficulty attaching the rear landing gears, I don’t think I did it right?

-The display base for the Satellizer isn’t that great, there aren’t any ratchet joints to support posing Satellizer in 45 Degree angle. and the neck of the base feels wobbly at times(due to the Satellizer being so heavy). Also, the display base is made up of 2 pieces, the interlocking joint between the two is very, very tight, be VERY careful when you plan to disconnect the base!

The Ugly
-Cosmo Arrows come off way too easily!

The attachment points are too shallow. I don’t know, maybe I’m doing it wrong? They sure gave me a heck of a time trying to get them to stay on (especially in Satellizer mode). Very annoying.

In conclusion, this is a far better toy than the Groizer X in most aspects (at least the transformation doesn’t involve too much “cheating”). The biggest problem for me has got to be the Cosmo Arrows, they just keep falling off.

The other problems are marginally minor (nothing that causes breakage). It’s not exactly Bandai SOC-level engineering but the diecast content and the size of the Danguard make for that. Plus I doubt we’ll see an SOC version anytime soon. I would still recommend this toy for those who have been waiting to get a Danguard Ace toy.


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