Yamato’s G-NU Hagane Danguard Ace ~ Plated Version

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Yamato’s G-NU Hagane Danguard Ace ~ Plated Version.

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Manual is printed on slightly whiter paper than the regular version. But the contents are the same.

Optional sticker sheet and “how to download the Jasdam Hangar” in English text.

Accessory tray.

Danguard Ace

The Plated Danguard is supposedly limited to 500 units only.

Pulsar Cannon!

Satellizer mode

Comparison with the normal version of Danguard.

The “Pulsar Cannon” chest area is painted differently on the Plated version.

With Gx06M Getter Robo.

With SOC Reideen.

Now for all you folks out there wondering what Danguard would look like if Yamato had released this baby straight up with a mix of normal and chromed parts.

The plated helmet actually adds a lot difference to the overall appearance of Danguard Ace.

Helmet comparison.

With the normal helmet.

Now, with the plated helmet.

A few quick negatives about the toy though.

As expected there is bound to be some chipping, this one was right out of the box. No real biggie as it’s hidden inside the skirt plate and I had to look for scratches to really notice it. But still, it’s a quality control problem nonetheless.

The “backpack” on my unit for the Satellizer mode has problems. It couldn’t fit in (plastic bar too thick?), it seems to be hit or miss though as other folks who got theirs don’t seem to have this problem.

If you do encounter this, don’t try to force the backpack in, as you might not be able to pull it out. Strange though this wasn’t a problem on my regular Danguard.

The “backpack” for the Danguard in Robot mode has no problems on both versions.

In the photos above, the Satellizer’s backpack is only attached half-way in, I dare not force the connection in any deeper than that for fear of damaging the toy.

The “Satellizer backpack” is colored slightly lighter grey than the regular Danguard’s.

Another minor complaint I guess would have to be the box, couldn’t Yamato have given us a new box instead of just recycling the regular Danguard Ace’s box? The foil sticker that’s stamped in front marking the “Plated Version” also suffers from minor problems like visible multiple trapped air bubbles underneath.

The Ugly
The most annoying problem would still have to be the Cosmo Arrows on Danguard’s legs falling off too easily just like it does on the normal version.

My final conclusion, by far, it’s the best Danguard Ace version from Yamato yet! The chrome and plated shade of blue on the arms and legs really add a lot of presence to the toy over the regular version (which I found somewhat boring to look at from the very first time I assembled it).

I recommend getting this version if you haven’t gotten a G-NU Hagane Danguard Ace yet. The only real problem is the limited availability of this figure. But if you find one reasonably priced then go for it.


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