YOLOPARK AMK Mini Series Transformers G1 Megatron

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YOLOPARK AMK Mini Series Transformers G1 Megatron

Once a gladiatorial champion, Megatron uses his newfound fame to fan the flames of discontent and forge the powerful Decepticon army, with the goal of conquering all of Cybertron to form an empire and then to conquer the universe!

Assembled, Megatron stands roughly 5 inches tall.

Sigh… Annoyingly, YOLOPARK used cheap gray plastic for Megatron, you can see some wavy lines across the figure. My copy has a line that cuts vertically across his face. Sigh..

It’s also too bad they didn’t paint the inner sides of his lower legs to match the animation model and box art.

Naturally, Megatron comes with his iconic Fusion Cannon.

Megatron comes with some extra hands for added display options.

With Optimus Prime.

Overall, like Prime, this wasn’t half bad. The low price made the kit palatable, choice of plastic and lack of transformation options aside. It’s pretty decent for an action figure and I think kids would enjoy handling this figure. I just wish they used better plastic so we don’t get the ugly swirls that appear on the figure.

Hmm.. I’m on the fence as to whether to get the others in the wave, but we’ll see.


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