Young Justice – Hall of Justice Playset

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Group shots

Justice League (sans Superman.. he was still on the way when the pic was taken)

Young Justice team (hmmm now that I think about it, they never really officially call themselves anything, not even Teen Titans, they just refer to themselves as “the team”)

Stealth outfits (these suits actually did appear in the show. A lot.


The Hall of Justice



Fully assembled, the Hall of Justice is about 22.5″ wide by 13″ tall.

Sadly, the scale is way off. In the show, people are like ants next to this thing.

With the DCUC 6″ figures, the scale sticks out even more. I guess you could recreate the Superfriends episode where the SF grew to large size to combat the large Legion of Doom. 🙂

But I think this diorama would work best with Heroclix figures. 🙂


All in


The Hall of Justice can be disassembled back into pieces, but it will require skill and guts! Basically, you have to yank each section apart with a quick, powerful jerk. Not just slowly pulling, like you’re pulling an electrical outlet, but just get a good grip and yank it, sorta like pulling apart shampoo bottle caps.


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