Young Justice Single Carded Figures

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Young Justice Collection

Collect and Connect Hall of Justice Series

Wally (clear version)

Singles from the Final (lost) Wave. Superman

Aqualad – Team leader

Water-based weapon included

Sword and handle cannot be returned to backpack

Icicle Jr.

Icicle weapon accessory


Bow accessory

Kid Flash

Lol… “fast food” accessory.

Vandal Savage

Wonder why he has claw marks on his face?

Comes with the meteorite that granted him immortality and knowledge. Even though he can hold it, it will make him fall over easily.


Uhmm… comes with exhaust accessory. I gotta say, this is a terrible figure of Superboy. Doesn’t help either that his legs look like he’s holding an urge to pee.

Captain Atom

Energy accessory

Black Canary

Comes with a staff

Sports Master

Comes with a Javelin

Stealth Aqualad

Comes with water mace accessory

Comparison with regular version

Stealth Robin

Comes with a wrist top computer for hacking.

Stealth Kid Flash

Comes with “speed effects” parts

Comparison with regular Kid Flash


Comes with red foot stand

and bow set

Green Lantern

I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but you can almost make out Hal’s eyes through the mask. I didn’t really notice but in the show, does Hal have eyeballs?

Ring construct


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