Saint Seiya Deathmask by Tsume-Art

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Our friends over at Tsume-Art have announced their latest release under the Saint Seiya line, the evil Deathmask. You can order him over at their site

Known for his cruelty, this knight kills in cold blood men, women and children to fulfill his missions. The faces of his innocent victims adorn the walls of his house as trophies and symbolize his power. Disowned by his armor, he was defeated by Shiryu during the Battle of the Sanctuary.

Our statue shows him in the Temple of Cancer ready to launch his attack Seki Shiki Meikai Ha. The dark colors of the background as well as the mist that surrounds him, remind the gloomy atmosphere of the 4th Temple of the Sanctuary. This contrasts with the gold of his armor. The sculpt of his face reproduce the sneer he shows while finishing his enemies.

The statue comes with two right hands, allowing you to display him with or without his attack around his finger.

Maximum number of edition will be 2200 pieces. This number can vary between 1800 and 2200. The final number will be announced when the preorder ends.
Release date: First semester 2019.


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