Soul of Chogokin Gx-XX-01, Project XX

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Release date: April 2020
SRP: 8,470 Yen

As an homage to the vintage “Jumbo Machinder” toyline from the 70’s, the Soul of Chogokin line is releasing a special weapons pack for their Dynamic Classics sub-line based on the accessories from the classic toyline.

Included in the set are:

XX-1 Rocket Punch for Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z’s deadly weapon! Both arms are injected with springs! The arms are supposedly made with diecast metal.

XX-2 Photon Force Flame Gun for Great Mazinger
Turning the knob at the top of the gun, red clear parts that image disphoton force energy appear.

XX-3 Rapid-fire Six-speed Missiles for Getter 1
Set of two that can be attached to both arms. Injected three consecutive missile missiles!

XX-4 Light-speed Fracture Disk for Getter 2
Fires a disc from the trigger mechanism!

XX-5 Monster Force arm for Grendizer
Telescopic arm with built-in real magnet. Glendizer’s enemy mecha “Minipho” can be Magnetized to the arm.

XX-6 Megaton Crane for Getter 3
You can wind up the chain and lift the megaton ball. It comes with two megaton balls of 5000t and 100000t.

Also included is the Hover Pileder, originally exclusive to the Mazinger Z vs Devilman accessory set, along with a “Jumbo Machinder” Mazinger figure that can also equip the accessories that come with this set.


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