Transformers Masterpiece MPG-09 Super Ginrai

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Transformers Masterpiece MPG-09 Super Ginrai

Release Date: Dec 2024
SRP: 46200 Yen

Based on the main hero of Transformers Super-God Masterforce comes Masterpiece Ginrai (the Japanese market counterpart to Powermaster Optimus Prime). Ginrai then has the option to combine with his trailer to form Super Ginrai, just like in the Anime! The set also features optional parts to recreate his original G1 toy look. As well as effects parts to emulate his “Chokon Power” ability. The trailer can also be reconfigured into a base mode, just like in the show and original G1 toy.

Also, as a homage to the original toy, the Ginrai Powermaster figure included with the set can unlock the front cab’s transformation.

Optional parts to recreate the G1 toy look.


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