Chogokin Toy Story Chogattai Daisakusen Gangreat King Robo

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Chogokin Toy Story Chogattai Daisakusen Gangreat King Robo

As part of the little play adventure Bonnie and her Japanese friend, Kai, were going with, even with the arrival of both the Woody and Buzz Robos were not enough to stop the evil Trixie the Triceratops. Transitron then formed into his ultimate form, the Transiking. Taking a cue from that, Woody and Buzz decided to combine their robots to form the Gangreat King Robo.

Gangreat King

Ohhhkay.. there’s no way to sugar coat this so here goes. The combined form is a mess! It looks jumbled, and worst of all. IT CAN’T STAND!!! The connection locks for the legs are very, very, very weak and the top heavy shuttle just makes it all the more unstable. It’s bad, very, very bad. It should come with a support stand at the very least.

As a toy, it’s looks okay thanks to colors and great job on the paint finish, but there’s hardly any articulation on it apart from the shoulders.

The combined form stands 13.5 inches tall and weighs 1706 Grams (very heavy!).

Overall, yeaaaaah… The Gangreat King is a complete miss for me. The combined form cannot stand (mainly due to the ridiculously top heavy Space Shuttle serving as the torso and the leg locking connections hardly locking, plus Hamm being very poorly designed). It’s very, very bad. The concept is nice but the execution was horrible. Stay far, far away from this combined form. It’s not worth the risk of everything crashing down (happened 5 times while I just taking photos of it).

If you love Toy Story, then get these figures just the individual forms. They look good together. Even the combined Buzz and Woody Robos were fairly decent. Just don’t bother with the Gangreat King form. It’s a huge disappointment. Bandai designers behind this should be ashamed of themselves.


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