Macross Delta Lilldraken set for DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried

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Macross Delta Lilldraken set for DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried

Lilldraken (Lil Draken)

Lilldrakens are unmanned support fighters used for aerial combat in the world of Macross Delta. First shown to be exclusively used by the Aerial Knights of the Windemere Kingdom’s Draken III units, the Delta Flight/ Delta Platoon caught a break when Hayate Immelman managed to take back Lt. Messer’s captured VF-31F with enemy Lilldrakens equipped for testing in the Macross Delta Movie, Passionate Walkure.

The units can also attach to hardpoints on the Valkyrie to give it additional thruster boost and fuel storage capacity. The Lilldrakens also have a projection camouflage and visual jamming capabilities that can make the opponent think that the Draken III has split into 3 same units.

The Lilldrakens are just a re-release from the earlier ones that came with the Draken III figure. Released as a Tamashii Website Exclusive, they cost quite a bit considering we don’t really get much with the set. I only got these since they were a packaged deal with the VF-31F Siegfried, but given the choice, admittedly, I would’ve passed on these since I don’t feel like they’re worth the high price for them.

Flight stands are included in the set for both Lilldrakens.

With the VF-31F Fighter mode

The set comes with 2 hardpoint bands for attaching the Lilldraken to the wings of the VF-31F. The long bands are for the Valkyrie and Battroid modes, while the short band is for the Gerwalk mode.

With the VF-31F Gerwalk mode

With the VF-31F Battroid mode

The long connector band is again used for the Battroid mode.

You can choose to use the support stand to help stabilize the Lilldrakens, but I find it cumbersome and just a mess to look at. The wings of the VF-31F can handle the strain for short periods of time, but I suppose it would be safer to prop up the Lilldrakens to prevent the wings of the 31F from warping over time.

I would probably display them separated from the Valkyrie just to be sure.


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