Macross Hi-Metal R VF1D Valkyrie

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Macross Hi-Metal R VF1D Valkyrie

A trainer unit for rookie pilots, the VF1D was the fighter Hikaru Ichijo (Rick Hunter) was accidentally stuck with when the Zentraedi launched an invasion on the Macross.

The Hi Metal R Valkyrie typically weighs 74 Grams and stands 6.25 inches tall (counting tip of the antennae).

Diecast parts include:
-Main joints and the “spine” of the figure for transforming.

Side note: Previously, Bandai included optional antennae for their Hi Metal-R Valkyries (the VF1J with GBP Armor and Strike Valkyrie came with spare antennae) , but this seems to have been discontinued. Too bad.

With Hikaru lacking any real experience piloting a Veritech in Battroid mode and crash landing in the middle of a city, this eventually happened.

Yeah, crashing your mech into a random girl’s house is a great way to meet chicks.


Interestingly, Bandai decided to change things up and give us a hand with a trigger finger, instead of the usual “handle-molded” hand. I’m not sure how this will go, as the finger feels a bit rubbery and I am worried that over time, it might snap off when you try to equip or un-equip the gun pod.

Uhm… should a “trainer unit” have live ammo in the chamber? Lol… makes you wonder what Hikaru would’ve done if the gun pod only fired blanks.

This set also comes with the pilot seat add-on accessory for Battroid mode, as seen in the second episode of the series.

Gerwalk mode

Civilian Hikaru and Lynn Minmei figures exclusive to this set.

Minmei fits into the new left hand especially designed to hold her.

How Minmei doesn’t get killed or suffers from PTSD after what happens to her in the first two episodes is beyond me.


Removable canopy and nosecone radar.

With this release, I think I’ve pretty much wrapped up my personal wishlist Hi Metal-R line for the Macross series, with only the VF1S Roy Fokker version missing (it’s supposed to be coming out again in 2020, here’s hoping).


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