Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R ADR-04 MKX Destroid Defender

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Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R ADR-04 MKX Destroid Defender

When Bandai first showed off the various mechs running around in their Macross diorama back in 2014, I never imagined they were serious about releasing everyone in that dio and then some.

We’ve now gotten the Destroid Monster, Spartan and now comes the Destroid Defender.

“Optic sensor” can slide up and down the track.

Heel design.

Opening driver’s hatch

Chest-mounted search lights.

Ammunition drums (“Normal Magazine”) can be removed.

The figure also comes with optional parts for you to equip on the toy, the “long type magazines” or enlarged versions of the ammunition drums for greater ammo capacity. The unit’s cannons run on standard shell projectiles and not laser or energy-based weaponry.

The technical specs of the mech read that it can fire up to 500 rounds per minute per muzzle, for a total of 2000 rounds total.

Toy weighs 138 Grams and stands 5.5 inches tall.

As far as diecast parts go, the bulk of it seems to be in the joints, I’m not sure if there are internal metal parts in the lower legs for balance, as all you can feel are plastic parts everywhere, even the legs. But since the weight of the toy is somewhat high(138 grams), I believe that there is some fair amount of metal in there. The bottom plates of the feet are diecast I believe.

Overall, it’s another nice addition to the ever-growing Hi-Metal R Macross line. We’re still missing the Destroids Phalanx and Tomahawk. I hope they make them too.


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