Bandai Macross Hi Metal R Glaug

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Bandai Macross Hi Metal R Glaug

Packaging for the arms.

This little red antenna is a huge pain to attach to the figure.

Opening “capture claws” on the feet.

Soul Stage for Glaug (included)

This is all so you you can pose Glaug like he’s flying into battle.

Internal c0ckpit

Comparison with the Hi Metal R Regult

Wow… It just towers over the VF-J.

Glaug weighs 358 Grams.

Diecast is mostly in the primary joints and sections of the legs. A large chunk of it is in the knee joints.

Overall, I love it! What makes it evern better is that it’s not a Tamashii Web Exclusive, so that means it’s not so expensive, all things considered. I really hope Bandai makes a second production run of the Regult so I can have a few more guys to run with this fella and form a proper squad.


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