Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R HWR-00-MK II Destroid Monster

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Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R HWR-00-MK II Destroid Monster

Box is somewhat huge (and a pain to lug in luggage), Roughly measures 11 x12 x12.

The Monster is packed like this in the styro package.

Deployable escalator entrance to the c0ckpit.

The c0ckpit hatch can be removed.

The rear hatches for discarding the artillery shells can be opened as well.

Deployable Dozer blade in the back, for excavation and “digging in” into artillery position.

Bandai included optional clips to help hold the cannons in place. These are meant for long term display. While I was doing the photoshoot I didn’t encounter any problems with the cannons drooping on me so the clips weren’t really needed.

The “Viggers 40CM liquid-cooled” cannons are fully adjustable and they hold in place fairly well. According to the mechanical data, the cannons have a total of 28 rounds in them.

Aside from the Viggers cannons, the Monster also features Raitheon ground to ground 3 barrel launcher arms, each containing 12 round of ammo per arm. The arms on the toy feature lots(!) of ratchets!

The Monster can also stand up and adjust it’s height for better range. Like with the arms, the legs also feature a lot of ratchet joints. Very solid.

As a further added feature to increase angle and elevation, the main torso has an added “piston” to prop up the main body even higher.

The toy spans about roughly 15.5″ to 16″ in length (something to consider when you’re going to place him in your display cabinet).

When hunkered down, the toy stands roughly 8-10 inches tall (depending on the angle of the Viggers cannons), when fully upright with the legs extended, the Destroid Monster stands up to about 9.5-11 inches tall (again depending on the angle of the Viggers cannons).

Most impressively, this thing weighs a whooping 1647 Grams!! That is a lot of weight! Destroid Monster indeed.

With the exception of the metal feet plates, I can’t tell how much diecast is in there, but it’s there, underneath all the plastic “armor”. There’s definitely diecast in the main joints (a norm for most of Bandai’s Gokin releases).

Heh, it’s got “toe” joints. How quaint….

Overall, a gorgeous toy, even if it isn’t that posey, it is ridiculously imposing on your shelf. Especially when partnered with the other Hi-Metal R Macross mechs. What makes this even more tempting is the fact that most toy stores in Hong Kong slashed their prices by almost half a few months back (starting in July 2017) I was fortunate enough to snag one in October 2017, but it was hell to lug it around the airport and check in through customs as it couldn’t fit my suitcase (seriously, a 12″ cubic box? C’mon Bandai).

lol… I ended up wrapping the toy with lots and lots and lots of hotel toilet paper to cushion the box from getting dented along the way and put in a plastic bag. Good thing customs didn’t bust my chops over it.

Hopefully Bandai will make the Destroid Phalanx and Tomahawk to get the whole team Destroid team together. I’m still on the fence whether to get the Fokker, Max and Miriya figures as the whole display would look too “Sentai-ish” due to the varying colors.

Funfact: According to the mecha files, there were originally only 2 Destroid Monsters onboard the Macross when the war started. By salvaging parts, they were able to build a 3rd unit (and more?) later on in the show.


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