Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VF-1A Valkyrie

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Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VF-1A Valkyrie

I actually picked this fella up a while back, but rarely had the time to start working on him, until now. In the Macross Hi Metal R line, he’s the only “1A” type model that came out.

The VF1A were pretty much the “grunts” and the cannon fodders of the Anime. Later on the TV series introduced Hayao Kakizaki (Ben Dixon in the Robotech series), as a new “rookie” assigned to the Vermillion Squad.

Basic armaments for this guy, like the Fixed RÖV-20 Anti-Aircraft Laser Cannon.

The “standard issue” GU-11 55 mm Three-Barrel Gatling Gun Pod.

The set comes with both versions of the VF1A head, from the TV series and the Do You Remember Love movie.

Likewise, it also comes with 2 versions of the pilots for the c0ckpit, one is Kakizaki and the other is a generic soldier.

Gerwalk mode

Valkyrie mode

The Valkyrie only has the MK-82 LDGB conventional bombs (I always thought they were rockets, huh…)

Removable nosecone to reveal radar dish.

Overall, not bad I guess. Would’ve been nice to army build I suppose if one has the funds. I’m just happy to be slowly working my way to completing the various mech models from the Hi Metal R for the Macross series. I never honestly thought it would be possible that Bandai would release almost all of them.


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