Bandai Macross Hi Metal R VF-1S Strike Valkyrie

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Bandai Macross Hi Metal R VF-1S Strike Valkyrie

Various optional wings for the Battroid.

There’s an new additional “fixed closed wings” clip on here. this feauture was not included on the VF-1J with GBP set.

Remember to slide out this section, it helps widen the leg stance poses for the Battroid.

Weapon can be clipped onto forearm.

When transforming the Battroid, it’s recommended to remove the antennae.



Strike Valkyrie

Hikaru Ichijoe

Remember the default hand is smaller since it has to fold into the forearm during transformation, you can swap it out for the bigger fists,

The same goes for the gun handle.

The Valkyrie weighs roughly 73 Grams, while the Strike Valkyrie weighs roughly 114 Grams. The diecast parts on this figure are limited only to the feet and primary joints.

Overall, I like it. It’s fun to toy with and pose, however, it does require some parts swapping to transform (heat shield, antennae, fists) so that may be a turn off for some folks.

That said, I think I’m going pass on completing the full line.

I expect practically all the other VFs to be Tamashii Exclusives, it’s going to get expensive to complete. It’s even worse when you consider they’re going be generally just repaints. If only they had mass released the line, I might’ve considered getting the others to form the team but I guess I’ll draw the line here as far as Valks go.


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