Bandai Macross Hi-Metal VE-1 ELINT Seeker

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Bandai Macross Hi-Metal VE-1 ELINT Seeker

The ELINT Seeker first (very briefly) appeared in the “Macross: Do You Remember Love?” movie. The unit serves as a reconnaissance machine and as a support unit by providing tactical information over great distances in the battlefield.

Note: The tip of the nosecone really is yellow-brownish right out of the box.

The Rotary Radome attaches onto the “backpack” here:

I don’t think the Radome can rotate.

Despite the ELINT Seeker looking really cool in Battroid mode, this form was never really shown anywhere in the movie. The unit only appeared for a few seconds in the opening battle sequence providing tactical data while in Valkyrie mode.

The ELINT Seeker actually does NOT come with any armaments, its primary AND ONLY function is to intelligence gathering with the use of its various electronic sensors.

It comes with:
-Rotary Radome with APS-201 surveillance radar
-HF/VHF/VLF antennae (mounted on right arm)
-Communication relay co-antennae (mounted on left arm)
-Side surveillance systems (mounted on legs)

For further reading:

The ELINT Seeker weighs 123 Grams and stands roughly 6.25 inches tall.

Diecast parts include the feet and primary joints.

Gerwalk mode

Valkyrie mode

Included with the set are two pilot figures.

“ELINT” actually stands for “ELectronic Signals INTelligence”.


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