CM’s Corp. Macross Trading figures

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CM’s Corp. Macross Trading figures.

Over the past few years CM’s has released a few trading figures based on the Macross Saga. Here’re a few of them ( I didn’t collect all of them as I didn’t like some of the characters).

CMs Corps Macross Pilots Trading figures wave 1 reissue

Whew! I missed out on these the first time. I’m glad they reissued this series.

Mylene Flare Jenius, Max and Milia Jenius’ seventh and youngest daughter from Macross 7

Macross II’s Ishtrar.

Mao Nome from Macross Zero (Mao would later become a Protoculture researcher and become grandmother of Sheryl Nome, of Macross Frontier).

Lynn Minmei

Hikaru Ichijoe.

Hikaru’s hair has to be removed for the helmet to fit.

There’s actually a 6th chase figure, a big Lynn Minmei doll, but I decided to pass on that. Also a case of 12 Trading figures has 2 versions of each figure, clear hair and “solid” hair.

Isamu Daisen from Macross Plus and Lisa Hayase from Macross:DYRL

Misa Hayase and Hikaru Ichijo (WonderFest exclusive variant)

Lynn Minmay concert version (WonderFest exclusive variant)

Roy Focker

His hair can be removed and the helmet placed on his head instead.

And of course my favorite figure in this series (mainly due to the props and simple look ) Lynn Minmay

The tabletop comes with the metal plate with the lyrics to “Do you Remember Love?”, Her photo album (shown during the Japanese TV series ending credits), her diary (?) and that singing Lynn Minmei doll (“Shao Pai Long”, anybody? )

When I was in Hong Kong I saw a personal collection on display that had these figures plus Max and Claudia figures. Very impressive. I’m not sure if those were official releases or just customized works. The Wonderfest variant of Hikaru does not have a removable helmet (unlike the wave 1 regular release) and the Wonderfest Minmay has a different pose for her left arm.

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