DNA Design DK-41 Haslab Victory Saber upgrade kit

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DNA Design DK-41 Haslab Victory Saber upgrade kit

Sticker sheet for fixing any scratches on Victory Leo or Star Saber’s chest pieces.

The set comes with a longer sword for Star Saber.

The V-Lock Rifles now no longer have any visible gaps and are a bit longer than the original.

The set also features an optional mask with more detailing for the face plate. I didn’t really bother with this one as it requires unscrewing Star Saber’s head apart and swapping out the face plate. The difference isn’t all that much compared to the default one.

Lastly, the set comes with wing extension pieces for Victory Leo. To install them, just simply push the default wings out of their joints and install the new wings in. No tools required.

Be mindful of the wings when they’re folded up, as they add a lot of thickness and may damage the shoulders when Victory Leo is placed on his back.

The added length to the Rifles do seem a bit too much for Victory Leo though. Ah well. At least we don’t see those horrible, horrible gaps on the underside of the Rifles.

The new wings and V-Lock Rifles add a lot to the Victory Saber’s overall look!

With this upgrade kit, Star Saber’s sword looks like an actual sword now, the default one was practically a short sword.

Victory Saber locked and loaded!!

Overall, a vast improvement over the base release. The added wings and bigger sword and lack of gaps on the V-Lock Rifles just improve the figure a lot. If you’ve got the Victory Leo Haslab set, then I strongly recommend getting this upgrade kit.


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