DNA DK-31 Autobot Ark Upgrade Kit

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DNA DK-31 Autobot Ark Upgrade Kit

New 2 screws included.

To replace the hands, you will have to unscrew the sides of the forearms, then extract the original hand and remove its ratchet piece and transplant it to the new hand.

Note that you will have to use the new black screws and not use the silver, longer default Hasbro screws to hold the ratchet in place.

The new articulated hands are just 100 times better than the default hands.

The back leg covers, no screws necessary.

Not really wow, or even necessary, but the covers for the wing sections need to go somewhere in the robot mode I guess.

The main reason for me to get this upgrade set, to cover up the sides of the ship mode. Those huge gaps are just too blasted silly to look at as is.

Much better!!!!

2 optional Particle Combustion Cannons are also included to cover up the empty spaces on the top of the ship.

Lastly, the set comes with a back panel for the huge gap on the bridge superstructure.

Again, much better!

Overall, yeah, this set helps a lot! I just couldn’t take the gaps all over the Ark in ship mode. I do wish they included some sort of weapon for the robot mode as well though. The Arkbot just looks so bland sometimes with nothing for actual weaponry. Still, it gets the basic job done.


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