DNA DK-33 Black Zarak Upgrade Kit

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DNA DK-33 Black Zarak Upgrade Kit

As this contains all three Scorponok upgrades in one set, the box for this thing is surprisingly huge! Spanning 16.5 x 7.5 inches in dimension.

Huge box!!

Everything from the three separate Scorponok upgrade kits is here.

A lot of disassembling and reassembling is required. New screws are included and there are even “filler” pads to tighten ratchet joints. Clever.

You will have to transplant these ratchet pieces from the original legs over to the new legs.

The height improvement in the thighs and upper shins are very substantial to the overall leg.

With the new leg parts, Black Zarak’s height is boosted from 22 inches to 23.75 inches

Ankle covers are still included.

Additional leg armor pieces, a throwback to the original vintage toy.

New articulated shoulder cannons, plus 2 more additional cannons to “complete the look” of the original toy and animation models.

While the set does include new articulated legs for the scorpion mode, I didn’t bother to put them in as it is a lot of work to do and doesn’t really improve the mode much. So in the box they stay.

New “upsized” parts for the Zarak Shield. You still need the original shield to form the new one.

Lastly, the set comes with Black Zarak’s “Anti-Gravity Gun”. I got this set mainly for the gun and legs.

The parts can also go on the other modes as well.

Scorpion battle station mode

The Anti-Gravity Gun plugs into the Scorpion tail, while the optional new cannons can be mounted on the sides. The cannons are a bit tricky to mount though and tend to fall off easily.

Parts of the new shield can be folded up and plugged into the pincers to form additional armor.

While the bulk of the shield is still plugged into the tail section for storage.

City mode

New placements for the new guns.

Shield pieces are mounted on the side of the spires (the Tyrant Spear has nowhere to go now though).

Yeah, this shield pieces acting as a ramp “checkpoint” still feels forced and out of place. Ah well…

Overall, a pretty amazing package. It gives you everything from the previous sets bundled together at a relatively cheaper price point. The box is crazy large though, I was taken aback when I first saw the box in person, as I wasn’t expecting the box to be that big. I think this is the biggest box ever from DNA for their upgrade kit line? It’s very good for what it is, as the height modification puts Black Zarak on par with Grand Maximus now. Highly recommended if you have Black Zarak.


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