DNA DK-38 Legacy Menasor Upgrade parts

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DNA DK-38 Legacy Menasor Upgrade parts

Make sure not to lose the baggie containing the little screws.

The set comes with bigger feet for Menasor.

The new panels underneath the new feet add some height to the overall lower leg.

The new thigh parts add about an inch to Menasor’s height, plus the new hands feature super articulated fingers.

Attaching the new thigh parts is a bit hard, since you have to disassemble the old set and transplant the springs and panels. It’s no easy task.

There’s also a new front hip plate, but I find attaching it too much work for what you get in return, particularly with transplanting the ratchet pieces.

Getting those tiny ratchet pieces to fit into their respective canals will take a lot of patience.

The new chest panel is simply clipped on, you can opt to not equip it as it’s meant to follow the G1 toy design and not the cartoon model aesthetics.

With the parts equipped, Menasor gains about 1.5 inches in height, hitting 13.5 inches now in total.

Menasor’s new sword is much, much bigger than the default Legacy one.

Due to the larger sword handle, you will need to change the default hands to the new hands included with this set too. As the handle won’t fit into the default hands. You will need to unscrew the default hand parts off and then use screws included with this set to attach the new hands.

The set includes a mount for holding Menasor’s sword on his back. Unfortunately, due to the materials used, there’s just no way for the sword to securely clasp onto the mount. It’s a huge oversight and I wonder why they didn’t fix this? The mount also functions as an extension for connecting Motormaster to his trailer in truck mode.

There are also pieces to make Menasor’s gun look more impressive.

The new parts can help the large cannon be securely pegged into Menasor’s forearm now.

Almost everything in the set can be placed inside the trailer or on it. The feet can now function as a cover for the front of the trailer, giving it a more “completed” look.

Unfortunately, for the life of me I could not get the panels to line up perfectly on one side.

Overall, a pretty good set, but leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not an absolute “must have”, but it does improve the Menasor mode a lot, particularly with regards to its proportions.

The biggest downside would have to be process of changing the thigh parts. It can become annoying due to having to transplant the springs, but it is what it is. I’ve seen sets from other companies that offer actual extension parts without the hassle of transplanting anything, so I do wish DNA did that instead here, too. The trailer mode is also bit messy to get the panels into place properly (I just gave up, lol..) The biggest let down would probably be the lack of a proper G1 “Cyclone Gun” for Menasor. Sigh… not DNA’s best release.

There was also an extra “energized” sword accessory for this set which was offered as an “early bird” pre-order bonus. Some sellers still offer this. My set doesn’t include this, unfortunately…


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