G.I. Joe USS Flagg Playset – Part 1

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G.I. Joe USS Flagg


In order to clean up the discolored parts, I dunked each piece in a plastic tub filled with about 40 Liters of Hydrogen Peroxide (20 volumes) and placed under an area exposed to direct sunlight. It worked and it got out all the yellowing parts, plus it cleaned up a lot of the scum. I then scrapped off the old stickers and used replacements ordered from Cobrastickers.com. The only pieces that I couldn’t dunk were the flight decks as those were too big and I’m not sure if the material would react properly to the H2O2.

Superstructure Interior

Communications Room

Clockwise ( Combat Control room, storage room, Ammo depot)


The Cobrastickers sheet included extra stickers of a map and General Flagg plaque not included in the original sheet.

Missile Launcher

Radar array, flag and radio antenna.

Deflector shield

Working elevator platform

Electronic microphone (still works! )

The dimensions on this ship are insane!! Over 7 feet x 3 feet and close 3 feet tall (tip of the radar mast) It’s like setting up a coffee table. Kudos to Hasbro on releasing this back in the day for around $100. Getting this last year cost around $850 (inclusive of buying up missing parts on Ebay) + $120 for shipping within the US and an additional $180 to have it shipped to Manila from a friend who forwarded the item to me. The reproduction sticker sheet clocks in at around $90.

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