Haslab Transformers Deathsaurus

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Haslab Transformers Deathsaurus

The box is huge! Spans 22 x 14.75 x 7 inches in dimension.

There’s actually a secondary box inside before we get to the main box. Both outer boxes are double corrugated for extra protection for the main box. Nice!

The main box even comes with corner protectors.

Too bad we don’t get the reversible box gimmick that came with Victory Saber, to switch the packaging from the US to the Japanese market version.

Even more internal boxes!

Micromaster Boater

Boater tends to be recognized as the Rescue Patrol team’s “youngest brother”, even though the whole team are roughly technically the same age. In the US version, he’s known as Seawatch and works with the rest of the Autobot Rescue Patrol team in protecting innocents and saving lives.

Micromaster Pipo

Pipo is a cheerful Autobot Micromaster that transforms into an ambulance in the Japanese Transformers continuity. In the US version, he is known as Fixit, team leader of the Rescue Patrol and one of the best medical bots on Cybertron.

With Holi (Stakeout) and Fire (Red Hot) from the Haslab Victory Saber set.

The full Autobot Rescue Patrol Team!

Eaglechest (Eaglebreast)

Deathsaurus’ loyal servant. Eaglebreast serves his master’s every whim, especially when it involves attacking Autobots.

Openable beak

The effects parts included with this set can be plugged into his cannons

Tigerchest (Tigerbreast)

The other half of Deathsaurus’ Breast plate team, same as with Eaglebreast, Tigerbreast is extremely loyal to their master.

Deathsaurus’ Breastforce partners.


Taking over the mantle of Decepticon leadership several years after Overlord’s defeat in 2020, Deathsaurus becomes the new “Emperor of Destruction” in the year 2025. Seeking to power his “Planet-Destroying Fortress” and rule the cosmos, the cruel Breastforce warrior sends his Decepticon forces across the galaxy, pillaging any energy resources they can find.

To get the figure funded on Haslab, it required a minimum of 11,000 backers before December 12, 2022.

Interestingly, according to the TF wiki page, Deathsaurus was originally meant to be a retool of Studio Series Grimlock and set to be release as a mass retail figure, before Hasbro changed their minds after seeing the success of the Victory Saber Haslab release and decided to make a proper Deathsaurus.

With his pets.

Eaglebreast fits easily into Deathsaurus’ chest cavity.

To eject Eaglebreast, simply lift Deathsaurus’ backpack and push Eaglebreast through the porthole.

Eaglebreast can also transform into a gun for Deathsaurus to equip(similar to his vintage G1 toy).

Also, as seen in the Anime, Tigerbreast can transform into a bow that can be mounted on Deathsaurus’ forearms.

Admittedly, the connection isn’t that solid, it can pop off if you apply minimal force.

The arrow also can’t really be held by Deathsaurus’ hand, it actually just pegs onto the bow.

The arrow can be posted onto Deathsaurus’ back.

Deathsaurus fully formed

Deathsaurus stands roughly 11.5 inches tall (13 inches if you count the tip of his wings).

Death Tailer Shield – Deathsaurus’ beast mode’s tail transforms into his shield. To equip the shield in his hand, you’ll have to equip the handle first, then plug in the shield.

The shield can also be mounted on his shoulder, just like in the Anime. You’ll need to flip out the connection port on his shoulder first.

Sword – Deathsaurus’ usual melee weapon.

The sword can be pegged into Deathsaurus’ back

Thanks to the toy’s design, the figure has butterfly shoulder joints, which allow for it to hold the sword with both hands.

Extra weapons – These were unlocked at 14,000 backers.
-Flail and Blast effects


The flail can be stored into the cavity behind Deathsaurus’ head.

Living-Metal-Destroying-Cannon – Deathsaurus’ most destructive weapon, it can easily permanently damage any Transformer technology it hits, preventing any possible healing or repair. A single direct hit on any Cybertronian equals guaranteed death.

The cannon solidly connects to Deathsaurus via hardpoints that plug into the figure’s shoulders.

Again, thanks to the shoulder joint design of the figure, you can have him pose holding the cannon with both hands, although it does look a bit awkward.

The blast effects parts can be pegged onto the end of the cannon.

Since the set comes with two sets of effects parts, you’re actually supposed to peg the other set into the back part of the cannon, simulating “backblast”.

Griffin-Dragon beast mode

So, I guess the Breastforces are now backpacks in this mode? Lol..

The blast effects can be plugged into the Griffin’s beak.

The Living-Metal-Destroying-Cannon can also be connected to the figure in beast mode via the hardpoint on its shoulder. Do note that the connection is very hard to port in for some reason. You’ll need to apply serious force to plug it in.

Throne/ display stand – the last tier to be unlocked for Deathsaurus at 17,000 backers.

The throne is about 11.5 inches tall (including the base).

Lol… Deathsaurus isn’t really “sitting” on the throne. Since he connects to it via his backpack, this results in the figure kinda just “hovering” above the seat.

I think I prefer Deathsaurus with his breast pals equipped while he’s on the throne.

The throne features a mounting point for Eaglebreast up top.

The back of the throne functions as a storage mount for all of Deathsaurus’ weapons.

Lastly, the shield can also be pegged into place on the back of the throne. Too bad the effects parts and display arm have nowhere to go though.

To connect the beast mode onto the display arm, you’re supposed to use this adapter.

The display arm can be repositioned to display Deathsaurus in robot mode as well.

The arm simply pegs into Deathsaurus’ butt in robot like so.

With Star Saber

With Victory Saber

Man, I really wish Haslab included a bigger blade here for Victory Saber as a follow-up add-on to his set. His sword looks so puny next to Deathsaurus’ killer scimitar. Sheesh, so much for the “Greatest Swordsman in the Universe”..

Overall, an amazing follow-up to the Victory Saber set! Almost everything you could want for this character is here!

I actually love this set more than the Victory Saber. The figure feels more solid and it looks more menacing, without any visible empty gaps (unlike Victory Saber’s shoulder cannons). Thank goodness Hasbro didn’t push through with just reusing Studio Series Grimlock to make this character and did fans a solid by making a properly matched villain for Victory Saber.

I think if ever there was one thing I would’ve requested for this set is that they added extra facial expressions for the Deathsaurus. But as it is, this set is practically perfect! Well done, Haslab team!


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