Hi-Metal R Macross VF-1S Super Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo Ver.)

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Hi-Metal R Macross VF-1S Super Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo Ver.)

I love Bandai’s new “reverse” packaging. You get to appreciate the front box art fully, while the window for the actual figure is now on the back.

Be mindful when removing the cover for the tray, my little Hikaru was stuck to the bottom of the lid.

The inner printed material shows a really nice “blueprint” illustration of the VF-1S.

Battroid mode

The variant Valkyrie command unit assigned to squadron leaders in the U.N. Spacy during the events of Space War I. The call sign “Skull Leader” was designated to the ones in charge of the elite “Skull Squadron”. Originally piloted by Roy Fokker, the mantle was passed onto Hikaru Ichijoe.

The figure is a redeco of the previously released VF-1S Skull Leader. Featuring a new white deco compared to Roy’s darker gray unit, this color appearance is based on Hikaru’s machine as it appeared in the later part of the original Super Dimension Space Fortress Macross TV series.

Sigh… because the universe hates me, my unit came with one pair of antennae shorter than it should be. Anyone know of how to contact Bandai for replacement parts for Asia? Usually it’s either Bluefin (limited only to US and Canada customers) or Bandai Japan (limited only to Japan based customers).

Similar to the other, more recent VF-1 series Hi-Metal R, the set comes with “filler” parts for the Battroid mode, otherwise we’d be left with a lot of huge gaps in the toy.

Air intake covers

Optional “smaller and closed” wings for more clearance for the Battroid’s legs.

GU-11 55mm Three-Barrel Gatling Gun Pod – You can swap out the default hands and weapon grip for larger pieces for better proportions.

Paired with the Soul Stage Act 4 (man… mine is sure showing it’s age. The clear plastic has somewhat yellowed).

Valkyrie mode

This is probably my favorite mode for this toy. It just looks so sleek.

The set comes with a little Hikaru Ichijoe/ Rick Hunter pilot figure for the c0ckpit. It’s a shame that the c0ckpit cannot be left half-opened for display purposes and has to be totally removed.

The set comes with various attachments for the VF-1S to mount on a Soul Stage. The biggest piece is used by the Valkyrie mode. It’s a bit difficult to place in due to the Gunpod getting in the way.

Gerwalk mode

This little piece is what’s needed for the Gerwalk mode to be able to mount on the Soul Stage.


FAST is an acronym that stands for “Fuel Armor Sensor Tactical”. Aside from the added armor and bigger weapons payload, the FAST pack also offers additional sensors for earlier enemy detection and increased speed due to added verniers and propellant and coolant tanks.

Twin HMMP-02 micro-missile launcher pod (note the paint bleeds here… sigh.)

Forearm-mounted “NP-AR-01 Micro-Missile Launcher Pods”, each housing 3 micro-missiles per arm.

4 × Fixed “RÖV-20 Anti-Aircraft Laser Cannons” mounted on the side of its head

6 x RMS-1 large anti-ship reaction missiles (3x under each wing)

GU-11 55mm Three-Barrel Gatling Gun Pod

When the Gun Pod is not in use, just remove the gun handle and clip it onto the hardpoint on the unit’s forearms or on the armor piece.

With the Soul Stage Act 4.

Valkyrie mode

The engine covers are packed separately from the boosters.

Again, with the Soul Stage Act 4 display base.

Gerwalk Mode

By default the HMR VF-1S stands roughly 6.25 inches and weighs 77 Grams.

With the FAST pack parts equipped, it now stands roughly 6.5 inches and weighs 114 Grams.

Diecast parts include:
-The Battroid’s “spine”
-Certain joints

Overall, A nice addition to the collection. I missed out on the original release “Roy Fokker colors” version back in the day (it was a Tamashii Website exclusive) and I am glad to get a second chance to complete the basic Valkyries from the original cartoons in Hi-Metal R form (I already picked up the other previous units). I can live with the VF-1S being white instead of gray since the price is roughly x2 already of what this one costs.

I have to say though, the QC in the line is really dropped. Aside from the error on the antennae, the paint bleeds are somewhat bad and obvious in this set (see photo of the “Twin HMMP-02 micro-missile launcher pod”). Oh, Bandai… what are doing?


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