Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VT-1 Super Ostrich

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Hi-Metal R Macross VT-1 Super Ostrich

The VT-1 Super Ostrich only appeared in the Do You Remember Love movie, same as with the VF1D, from the TV series, this unit was used as an unarmed two-seater training craft. It was supposedly redeveloped as the VE-1 ELINT Seeker.

I find it really strange that the set comes with a hand for holding the gun pod despite not coming with the said accessory. Ah well.

The “backpack” can only fold up like so (same as with the ELINT Seeker).

We never get to see the Super Ostrich’s Battroid mode in the movie, only the Valkyrie and Gerwalk modes.

Super Parts equipped

You can put Minmei in the mech’s open left hand.

Not really much for this mech to do since he doesn’t come with his gun pod.

Gerwalk mode

The set comes with Hikaru (in his atmospheric suit) and Minmei “pilot” figures.

Valkyrie mode

The set also comes with extra pilot figs of Misa Hayase and Hikaru in his pilot uniform.

The Super Ostrich is one of my favorite pieces from the old vintage line. I’m really glad the Hi Metal R line rolled this out.


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