Kaiyodo Revoltech 30 Gunbuster 2 Dix-Neuf

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Kaiyodo Revoltech 30 Gunbuster 2 Dix-Neuf


Dix Neuf hails from Aim for the Top 2 (aka Gunbuster 2), Diebuster (in celebration of Gainax’s 20th anniversary back in 2004). Although not the main hero, Dix actually does a lot in the series. His name means “Nineteen” in French.

Unlike all other Buster Machines (with the exception of Nono) Dix Neuf actually is sentient and the last surviving original Buster Machine.

To remove his “trench coat” his shoulders have to be removed first.

Weapons can be stored in the trench coat.

Buster Gator

Buster Crusher.

Dix Neuf also comes with alternate “eye covered” head, for when he gets serious in battle.

Oni Mask can be attached to his back.

Dix Neuf can also do some kicking poses.


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