Kaiyodo Revoltech 74 Getter Dragon

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Kaiyodo Revoltech 74 Getter Dragon



Getter Dragon Switch On!

Sadly, the line paint on the legs leaves much to be desired.

Mach Wing!

Double Tomahawk!

Kaiyodo added this as a bonus, a “spinning” Tomahawk Boomerang.

Getter Beam!

Kaiyodo threw in a nifty accessory here, a blast arc. It adds effect to the Getter Beam. 🙂

Getter VS Getter! This never happened in the Anime but it did happen in the Manga and in some of the Super Robot War games, members of the Hyakki Empire managed to steal the Getter G machines and the Getter Team is forced to combat them with only the original machines. In the end the Getter Team wins thanks to experience and quick reflexes (the Hyakki Empire pilots couldn’t match the reflexes of repeatedly combining the various Getter machines unlike the Getter Team).


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