Kuya Bear K.O. Lego Voltes V Pilots

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Kuya Bear K.O. Lego Voltes V Pilots

Steve Armstrong/ Kenichi Goh

Leader of the team, Kenichi is sharp shooting tournament champion and is the eldest of the Armstrong siblings.

Mark Gordon/ Ippei Mine

A former rodeo champion and an expert with whips, Mark Gordon is the team’s second in command.

Big Bert Armstrong/ Daijiro Goh

The second eldest Armstrong brother, Big Bert is a trained martial artist and is in control of Voltes’ power output when the robot is fully formed.

Little John Armstrong/ Hiyoshi Goh

Little John is the youngest Armstrong and member of the team. A tech prodigy, the lad loves tinkering with machines and even created a sentient, mechanical, flying pet octopus named Octo-1.

Jamie Robinson/ Megumi Oka

The only child of Earth International Defense Force Commander General Robinson, Jaime is a trained kunoichi (female shinobi) and the 18th heir of the Koga-Ryu Ninja clan.

The Voltes team

Hmm… guess there are a few QC issues with this set, such as the “V” being off-center on some of the helmets.

Overall, a great set! I’ve been looking for this all over, I’m really glad I was able to find it on E-commerce site “Shoppee” for much less than when I first saw it a month ago (I got it for 600 Pesos, roughly $10 USD). While there are a few QC issues, it’s not bad unless you really look hard for them. Each figure has its own unique face print (only 1 facial expression per head, though, unlike the more recent official Lego minifigures that have 2 faces on the back and front of the heads) and the full team looks good together. This will go well alongside the Voltron Pilots set I got a few years back. Here’s hoping “Kuya Bear” toys will make more Super Robot related not-Lego pieces.

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