Macross Delta DX Chogokin VF-31J Kai Siegfried Hayate Immelmann Use version.

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Macross Delta DX Chogokin VF-31J Kai Siegfried Hayate Immelmann Use version.

Outer box sleeve

Main box

The Valkyrie comes with a removable special cling film applied to prevent scratches on the paint finish while in transit. Nicely touch.

Optional hands, assault knife and Hayate figure located underneath the mini box

The VF-31 actually has 5 variations, each of which has unique functions as part of the Delta Flight/Delta Squadron.
• VF-31C: Tactical Support variant.
• VF-31E: Early warning and electronic warfare variant.
• VF-31F: Air Superiority variant.
• VF-31J: Air Support variant. Dual camera eye.
• VF-31S: Commander variant. Enhanced communication control system.

Taken from here:

Valkyrie Fighter mode

Piloted by Hayate Immelman in the final battle of the Macross Delta TV series, this set was a limited edition Tamashii Nations 2017 event exclusive. The only real differences from the previous mass retail release of the VF-31J is that this set comes with two large missile pods and sports a new “Blue Knight” logo on the back of the machine.

In the show, Hayate prefers not to use an AI system aboard his craft, since he doesn’t sync well for some reason, this also results in Hayate having no use for wearing a helmet since the HUD interface isn’t activated. Instead, mechanics have installed a device into his unit’s eX-Gear to auto-deploy the helmet, if needed in emergencies.

Same as with the VF-31F, the canopy is “smoked” finish so you can’t really make out if there’s a pilot inside or not.

“Blue Knight” logo

Cygnus Multi-drone plates (non-removable). As seen in the Anime, the drone plates are equipped with entertainment components and serve as mobile, illuminated stages which project holograms during the Walkure Crew’s performances, while also functioning as defensive protective units and amplifying Fold waves of Walkure songs.

Removable engine intake covers

According to specs, the unit runs on Shinsei Industry/ P&W/ RR FF-3001/FC2 Stage IIC thermonuclear reaction turbine engines.

Display base (Fighter configuration)

Strangely, the clear parts on my set are bit more yellowish compared to how it was with the VF-31F. Hopefully this isn’t a case of premature yellowing of plastic.

Gerwalk mode

The Gerwalk mode design for the VF-31 features a turret placement using the Gun pod on it’s dorsal side. Pretty cool.

Display base (Gerwalk configuration)

Additionally, the Remington LM-25s 25mm mini gunpod rail guns and AK/VF-M11 Assault knives on the forearms of the Valkyrie can also be deployed for use in Gerwalk mode.

Battroid mode

Unlike the other VF-31F in the Delta Flight unit, the 31J features dual camera eyes, for wider marking of targets.

The Howard LU-18A beam gun pod can be stored on a turret system on the unit’s back.

Beam Machine Gun on the unit’s “horn”

The AK/VF-M11 assault knife can be folded up and sheathed into the forearm panels.

Remington LM-25s 25mm mini gunpod rail guns can be flipped out of the forearms.

Display base (Battroid configuration)

Missile pods

Multi Purpose container – I originally thought this was some weapon of sorts, turns out it’s just a container for storing the Beam Gun Pod when in Valkyrie Fighter mode.

Some notes and thoughts about the Chogokin VF-31J Kai

-The toy weighs 418 Grams and stands roughly 10.5 inches. In Valkyrie Fighter mode, spans roughly 12.5 inches x 9 inches in dimension.

Depending on how you position the gun pod, the figure’s height can go up to 12.5 inches at the highest point.

-Diecast parts include:
–Some of the internal parts
–Primary joints
–Most of the hinges used in transformation

-Like with the VF-31F, the paint job here is flawless. I am impressed at how good they made these figures in terms of finish!

-The rear landing gears of the fighter mode are a bit hard to pluck out since the joints are a bit tight (compared to the VF-31F). I wish they included a pick or something to help extract them.

-Sadly, unlike the mass retail release of the VF-31J, the Kai version no longer comes with the Freyja Wion minifigure.

-Given the choice between this figure and the VF-31F, I think I would most likely go with the VF-31F, since I like the black compared to blue (blue was always the “Max” character colors for me) but this is a very, very close second choice.

Big thanks to my good buddy Nick for selling me his sealed copy a while back! Thanks, amigo! 🙂


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