Macross DX Chogokin Strike/ Super parts for Movie Edition VF-1

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Macross DX Chogokin Strike/ Super parts for Movie Edition VF-1

Really, Bandai? After folks pay premium for this, all you have for us is a lousy, two-page, black and white manual? Tsk tsk….

For some reason, the clear plastic attachment parts for the Strike Valkyrie seem more yellowish than the VF-1S default pieces.

FAST is an acronym that stands for “Fuel Armor Sensor Tactical”. Aside from the added armor and bigger weapons payload, the FAST pack also offers additional sensors for earlier enemy detection and increased speed due to added verniers and propellant and coolant tanks.

The FAST Pack’s HMMP-02 micro-missile launcher pod can be swapped out for Mauler RO-X2A high-powered double-action beam cannon.

The vernier covers can be removed.

Engine block

Also included are optional alternate color symbols for each member of the Skull Squadron. Each are easily pegged into position on the sides of the packs.

These “missile” caps come off waaaay to easily, be careful not to loose them. No spare pieces are included.

Strike Valkyrie

Strike Gerwalk

Strike Battroid

The armor clips easily onto the forearms. The rest of the armor pieces are also very easy to attach or remove.

Beautifully painted decal details on the FAST Packs!

I was really hoping they included a “solid” saluting hand with this figure. No such luck, so you’ll have to use the default articulated hand to make this pose from the final battle happen.

Fully geared up, the VF-1S Strike stands roughly 16.25 inches and weighs 725 Grams.

This add-on set is entirely plastic, so no diecast metal parts are present anywhere.

With the exception for the Valkyrie mode (new pieces included with this set), you’ll have to use the default attachments and display base from the basic DX VF-1S.

Strike Gerwalk

Strike Battroid

Overall, a nice add-on set for the DX Chogokin VF-1S. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey since most folks had to get this from secondary markets. This add-on is an absolute must-have if you’re trying to build the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie unit. The amazing paint applications for the decals really make this set stand out.

It’s unfortunate that the missiles are sold separately and not included here. I’m not really sure if I want to spend for the Missile Set on the secondary market, as they don’t really add much visually to the Battroid mode, which is the mode I’ll most likely be displaying this figure in. I’m really hoping they’ll reissue the missiles down the road somehow.


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