Macross Frontier EX-Gear Alto Saotome.

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Macross Frontier EX-Gear Alto Saotome.


Alto Saotome – using the new Bandai SHFiguarts type body.

Helmet – the head seems to be permanently stuck inside? I dunno, but after trying to open the Helmet halves, I ended up scratching the paint (the whole helmet is painted)… Drats!!! I recommend leaving it alone.

Pilot seat.

The seat transforms into the armor with jetpack (note that you can’t assemble the seat without the base to hold up some of the disassembled parts.

With the Armor on, the figure’s height increases by 1.5 Inches.

Lift off!

Diecast shin guards, there’s also diecast in the chest armor (the brackets that hold Alto in place).

Non-rolling skates.

Alto does his “Isamu Dyson (of Macross Plus)” Impression, just like in the show while controlling his Vf25 in Slave mode.

Overall not a bad figure, just a bit too pricey at $95. Also be careful when attaching the chest plates, I broke one of the thin pegs, it doesn’t really affect the chest plates’ ability to connect but it is annoying to have such a fragile piece in such a sensitive spot.


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