Marvel Legends Wakanda Forever Attuma (partial) Wave

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Marvel Legends Wakanda Forever Attuma (partial) Wave

Hatut Zeraze
Everett Ross


Leader of the blue-skinned Talokan race, Namor decides to attack the surface world to protect his people’s cache of Vibranium under the sea.

Personally, I wish they didn’t go with the green swim trunks look and went instead with the full body suit costume. I also kind of wished to see Luke Evans in the role of Namor too, just for better comics accuracy, but oh, well…

In the movie, due to the nature of his birth, Namor is a mutant. Thanks to the wings on his feet, Namor is able to fly at incredible speeds, he is even capable of catching a fleeing helicopter, overpowering its rotors and then proceed to carry the entire vehicle’s weight while suspended in mid-air. Just with his leg wings…

Aside from flight, Namor is also able to swim at incredible speeds underwater.

The likeness of actor Tenoch Huerta is pretty spot on.

As king of Talokan, Namor is adorned with gold and ornaments that closely resemble those from a Mayan civilization. His given name is the same as the Mayan feathered serpent god K’uk’ulkan. Due to his mutant genes, he ages slower and is indicated to be hundreds of years old.

He comes with his Vibranium spear, just as it appears in the movie.

It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include an optional left gripping hand to properly hold the spear. Sigh…

Imperious Rex!!

Hatut Zeraze

The Wakandan Secret Police force, the Hatut Zeraze are brave warriors fiercely loyal to their nation of Wakanda. Led by the White Wolf (Hunter), the operatives of the unit are highly trained and outfitted with stealth technology and advanced weapons. However, due to their brutal tactics and torture of prisoners, they are eventually exiled by the Black Panther, forced to become mercenaries instead.

To make the figure more interesting and have added character, there’re some interesting details added to the figure’s sculpting here and there, particularly on the arms and legs.

Alternate “open hands” included.

Aside from stealth and strength enhancing tech, these guys also come with fancy weapons.

Since I wasn’t really sure how well they would stand the test of time (possible plastic yellowing?), I didn’t go all in and army build this figure like I usually do. I decided to get at least two of them though, just to make the Wakandan “secret police” at least seem more than one guy.

Everett Ross

A former CIA operative, Everett Ross becomes a staunch ally of the Black Panther and Wakanda, risking his career, freedom and even his life to help his new allies. Sarcastic, yet resourceful and compassionate, Ross becomes instrumental in helping Wakanda on several occasions.

The figure is a redeco of the previously releases Everett Ross from the Killmonger 2-pack.

Note that the figure’s feet don’t have any real peg holes.

Thanks to Hasbro’s “face print” technology, the reused Everett Ross head sculpt is greatly improved here, which is the reason why I got this figure again. I’ll probably use the older Ross figure as a body base for civillian Matt Murdock or something now.

Ross’ only real accessory is his sidearm.

Interestingly, his sidearm looks more sci-fi this time around, the previous Ross from the 2-pack with Killmonger came with an actual realistic-looking gun, based on the SIG Sauer P226.

The previous Everett Ross figure from the Killmonger 2-pack.

The old Everett Ross and Killmonger 2-pack review page.


A fierce warrior and advisor to the King of Talokan, Attuma is highly skilled in combat, besting even the Wakandan warrior general Okoye. As with other Talokani, Attuma possesses enhanced speed, strength, as well as rapid regeneration abilities. He also supposedly has the same hypnotic sonics as the other Talokani, which can be used to hypnotize surface dwellers, as the sonics serve as their means of communication underwater.

Personal nitpick… in the movie, Attuma, as well as the other male Talokani, all have “dad bods” for some reason. It’s odd that this figure shows more ab muscles than the actual movie character. I find it all really weird since, when was the last time we saw a professional swimmer without proper washboard abs?? Ahh, whatever..

His back features a sheathed weapon, but it cannot be removed.

Unlike other Talokani, Attuma is easily distinguished on a battlefield thanks to his unique headgear.

Due to the puny feet included with this set, the figure can be difficult to stand at times.

Attuma usually fights using his (Vibranium?) spear.

He also comes with his sword.

Both of Attuma’s weapons come packaged with the Everett K. Ross figure.

With his king, K’uk’ulkan.

At first, I thought Attuma was going to be like his comics counterpart and betray Namor at some point in the movie, but it never happens… Maybe in a future Namor solo movie… ?

The partial wave – I didn’t feel like spending more just to get the full wave, which was chockful of repaints. So I just grabbed Namor, the Hatut, Ross and Attuma from local specialty stores and called it a day. I gotta say, this is probably one of the weakest Marvel Legends waves ever released (it’s the same mess as with the subsequent Konshu wave).

To be honest, the whole scenario nowadays reminds me of twilight of the old Mattel DC Super Heroes line. Just repaints and pointless filler. The magic just feels like it’s slipping away.


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