Marvel Select Anti-Venom

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Marvel Select Anti-Venom

After coming into contact with the villain known as Mr. Negative, Eddie Brock was cured of his cancer and even grew a new symbiote! Now named Anti-Venom, Brock has gained a new power, the ability to purge the alien Venom symbiote from it’s current host, Mac Gargan (aka The Scorpion). Anti-Venom also has a strange side-effect on Spidey, being in close proximity with Anti-Venom causes Spidey to lose his powers. Fortunately, Brock’s one of the good guys now so Spidey’s safe.. for now.

Comes with a display base.

With Marvel Legends Spidey figures.

Brock at first attacks Spidey, thinking that Spidey is poisoned and wanted to “cure” him, not realizing the “poisoning” Anti-Venom was reffering to was actually Spidey’s radioactive blood, which gives Peter Parker his powers.

The duo later team up to take down the Thunderbolts and Venom.


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