Marvel Select Grey (Ultimates) Hulk

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Marvel Select Grey (Ultimates) Hulk

Long sold out, it was later reissued. The reissue sports a new paint application on Hulk’s face. Where it was once clean, it’s now dirty looking, like he got a face full of smoke during an explosion.

With other Marvel Legends “Ultimates”

With the Face Off Hulk

With Marvel Select’s Thanos

As far as articulation goes, Ultimate Hulk doesn’t have knees or elbows and what is there feels really loose. Luckily it doesn’t affect the figure’s ability to stand. The toy feels very light(he’s mostly hollow). Despite all the negatives it looks great posed next you your other MLs and is definitely a must have figure.

Funfact: In the Ultimate Universe, Hulk is presented as the “repressed” side of Bruce Banner. In one panel of the “Ultimates” we even see Hulk yell “HULK HORNY. Scary….


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