Marvel Select Hulk

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Marvel Select Hulk

I guess the only real downside to this huge figure is the limited articulation and less than great headsculpt.

Rubble display base.

Hulk stands roughly 9.5 Inches tall and weighs practically 800 grams! That’s heavy!

A few comic scans to emphasize the Hulk’s “variable” size based on the artists’ interpretation. Though for the record, it’s the Ultimate Hulk who gets bigger when he’s angrier. Original Universe Hulk only gets stronger as he gets angrier.

Comparisons with various action figures.

Face-off Hulk

Marvel Select Thor

Marvel Select Thanos

Toybiz’s Wolverine.

Hasbro’s red Hulk BAF (There’s also BBTS Marvel Select Red Hulk exclusive, by the by)

Mattel’s DCSH Superman

And the most surprising match up, the BAF PITT figure!

Of course PITT still wins in terms of girth and articulation and detail, but the MS Hulk is still impressive.

Group pic

Doc Bruce Banner, Pelted by Gamma rays turns into the Hulk.


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