Maxfactory’s Bio Fighter Collection – Guyver Unit 03

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Maxfactory’s Bio Fighter Collection – Guyver Unit 03


The third Guyver unit

Comes with everything shown (the Guyver 3 lacks the unactivated Guyver unit prop present in the Guyver 2 and Guyver 1 packs)

At first shrouded in mystery, his identity is later revealed to be Agito Makishima, Sho’s schoolmate and an elite member of Chronos, who planned the theft of the Guyver units and wanted to use them for the purpose of overthrowing Chronos as revenge for his late father who died shortly after his company was taken over by Chronos.

The Guyver 3 is more familiar with the Guyver’s armaments due to the intel Agito was able to discover from Chronos’ records.

The Guyver 3 comes with two high frequency swords.

Guyvers also have the ability to control gravity and fly via the gravity control orb in their “belt buckles”.

Mega Smasher

Double Mega Smasher

Guyver 3 is more ruthless and calculating compared to the Guyver 1.

The Bio Booster Armor Guyvers.

Chronos attacks!

The Guyver’s identity is discovered by Chronos and they launch an attack on Sho Fukamachi’s high school in order to flush out the Guyver. The assault is lead by Chronos’ elite strike team, the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five.
Please click for playback.

Guyver 3 appears!

Overpowered and overwhelmed, the Guyver 1 falls under the onslaught of the Hyper Zoanoid team Five. Guyver 3 suddenly appears and instructs the Guyver 1 in the use of other weapons in the Guyver armor’s arsenal through the mental connection the Guyvers share.

Please click to begin playback.

Funfact: Maxfactory originally released the Guyver 3 with glow- in- the- dark blades. This second release shows more “Anime accurate” colors for the blade. 🙂


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