Ramen Toys 80’s Commander version 80’s 3-pack (The Centurions)

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Ramen Toys 80’s Commander version 80’s 3-pack (The Centurions)

The set comes with an outer plastic baggie.

Max Ray

Brilliant Sea Operations Commander. Calm and collected, Max is the team’s underwater operations specialist and group’s leader.

All 80’s commanders figures come with the same extra hands, even the “saluting” hands.

Each figure stands roughly 6 inches tall. Making them a bit shorter than the new standard 6.25-6.5 scale used by Hasbro nowadays.

While the figures have waist rotation, they lack ab crunch joints.

Originally, the Ver.1 figures of this trio had the same helmets design. But then, Ramen Toys addressed that issue with the release of this set and gave them each unique helmets now, along with all-new toon-accurate head sculpts for the unmasked heads. I think the new helmets and heads can be purchased as a seperate pack to “upgrade” the V1 figures (with matching V1 colors)?

“Power Extreme!”

Max comes with the “Cruiser” assault weapon system.

To equip the helmet for all of the figures, you will have to split it in half first and then reassemble it to fit snuggly onto the figure’s head.

Hydro thrusters on Max’s legs provide rapid propulsion underwater.

Laser cannon

Missile launcher (the missile does not fire). Originally in the vintage toy, there was a spring gimmick where you could fire the missile while mounted on the figure’s back. Rotating the chest piece on Max releases the spring mechanism on the backpack. Too bad, Ramen Toys did not replicate that gimmick here.

Do note that when the missile pack and the Oxygen Tank backpack are both attached to Max, the figure tends to become top heavy and usually fall backwards if the figure is not leaning forward. I think the most practical way to fix this is to just mount the missile pack onto Max’s left arm for long term displays.

As of this writing, the “Tidal Blast” assault weapons system has been announced to be in the works for this figure.

Jake Rockwell

Rugged Land Operations Specialist. Jake’s skills are best suited for survival on rough and dangerous terrain. Jake is the team’s serious-minded hothead and often clashes with his happy-go-lucky teammate, Ace. Due to requiring the least mobility amongst the trio, Jake’s armaments are equipped with the most firepower on the team.

“Power Extreme!”

Jake comes with the “Fireforce”.

Twin laser cannons

I really wish Ramen Toys followed the cartoon design instead of the vintage toy design for this weapon. The connection peg is supposed to be at the bottom of the Twin Laser Cannons (just like in the cartoons), not on its side (just like how it was on the original Kenner toys). Sigh…

Rotating plasma re-pulsar (doesn’t really rotate here)

Search light – the search light can rotate 180 degrees, so you can post it onto either of Jake’s shoulders, not just his left one.

Rocket launcher

The missile inside the launcher can actually be removed. There is no spring-loaded gimmick here to fire the rocket though. Also, due to the design of the launcher, you can also only post this onto Jake’s right shoulder.

Hmm… I wonder if Ramen Toys will make Shadow, Jake’s pet dog, as a figure to partner with this guy down the road?

Ace McCloud

Daring Air Operations Expert, Ace is the c0cky maverick of the group. Carefree and always womanizing, Ace tends to be flippant when it comes to his responsibilities as a member of the Centurions. His specialty is airborne missions and when properly outfitted, Ace is also qualified for outer space operations as well.

Hmm.. Ace’s headsculpt is not quite spot on to the animation models, unlike the other 2 figures.

“Power Extreme!”

Ace comes with the “Skyknight” assault weapon system.

The wings are geared together and can move up and down.

Turbo thrusters on the wings provide aerial lift and propulsion.

Stinsel missiles are mounted on Ace’s forearms.

Laser cannons and Laser bombs attached to his chest array.

“up, up and away!”

In the near future, Doc Terror and his cyborg companion, Hacker, unleashed their forces to conquer Earth! Only one force can stop this evil: a handful of brave men. In specially created exo-frames, they can be transported anywhere to fuse with incredible assault weapon systems beamed down from the space station Skyvault, becoming man and machine, Power Xtreme! Max Ray, brilliant Sea Operations commander! Jake Rockwell, rugged Land Operations specialist! Ace McCloud, daring Air Operations expert! Whatever the challenge, they are ready – The Centurions!

Overall, a very good set. I had skipped out on the single-release version 1.0 figures of these guys as the colors on those were way off, not to mention the head sculpts were just bland and didn’t resemble the source material at all. But when Ramen Toys announced the toon-accurate version 2.0 with better unmasked heads and helmets, I was all in. I just love the new colors on these guys! Lots of nostalgia for me here.

I think the biggest issue for most (including myself) are the smaller sizes of these guys, especially when posed next to garden variety 6” Marvel Legends figures. I do wish Ramen Toys did the figures taller to better match modern 6” scales, but I guess it is what it is.

I really hope they release more Assault Weapons Systems for these guys soon. So far, only “Tidal Blast” for Max has been teased.


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