S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta

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S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta

Since Bandai is rolling out new Goku and Broly for the S.H. Figuarts line, it’s only fair Vegeta gets a new release too. His outfit this time is based on his appearance in the new Broly movie.

The set features for the first time Super Saiyan God Vegeta, I suppose at some point, Vegeta learned to surpass his limits (again) too.

I’m number one!

This time around Bandai decided to paint SSG Vegeta’s hair, which is a good thing, unfortunately, it doesn’t match SSG Goku’s hair which is molded plastic and not painted. Sigh… c’mon, Bandai.

SSG Goku Gallery

In Dragon Ball lore, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (aka “Super Saiyan Blue”), surpasses Super Saiyan God (which originally required 6 Saiyans to pour their energy into one). So Blue is the higher form.

Really loving the new face sculpt here. Puts the older SSGSS Vegeta face sculpt out to pasture.

Gallick Gun!!!!

Same as with Goku, Vegeta Does not come with any effects parts or Soul Stages, despite being a more pricey Tamashii Web Exclusive release. I just tossed in a Soul Stage from another set so I can get a proper Gallick Gun pose.

I really loved this shot in the movie.

Older SSGSS Vegeta galley

Overall, a good, solid figure, I just wish it came with some more accessories, with what Bandai is charging nowadays, it’s a crime. The good news is that this figure is a definite improvement compared to the older SSGSS Vegeta in terms of sculpt and finish.


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