Sentinel Riobot R-Gun Powered

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Sentinel Riobot R-Gun Powered

The R-Gun, also known as the “Real Personal Trooper Type-Gun”, was developed by Mao Industries as a unit that could become the “Heavy Metal Particle Cannon Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon” weapon for use by the SRX.

Equipped with a more powerful Tronium Engine compared to the R-2, the R-Gun also has the T-Link System onboard so it can be used by telekinetic pilots, allowing it to deploy a defensive Telekinetic Field when necessary, as well as control the HTB Cannon’s particle concentration rate and firing trajectory through telekinesis.

R-Gun’s Attacks

Vulcan Cannon – Twin rapid-firing Vulcan guns on R-Gun’s forehead temples.

Beam Katar Sword – R-Gun’s wings become two beam-emitting katar blades intended for close contact combat.

Some effects parts here would really be a big improvement, IMHO.

Slash Boomerang / T-Link Boomerang – Combining the two Beam Katars’ handles, they form a boomerang-type weapon to be thrown at opponents. The weapon’s movement is then controlled by the pilot’s telekinesis via the T-Link System.

Twin Magna Rifle – a downsized version of R-2’s Magna Beam Rifle for the R-Gun.

In the games, the R-Gun was previously piloted by the SRX team commander, Ingram Plisskin. After Ingram’s betrayal and true origins are revealed, the unit is then piloted by the team’s new captain Viletta Vadim, a calm woman and a tactical ace pilot.

Personally, I use Mai Kobayashi, Aya’s sister, as my R-Gun pilot when I play SRW games. She just has better magic spells for assists.

Metal Genocider Mode/ Hyper Tronium Buster (HTB) Cannon mode – Equipped with its own Tronium Engine, the R-Gun can transform into a mobile cannon and fire a powerful beam, even without the help of the SRX, or the Plus Parts.

Ingram: “Dead End Shoot!”

-With the arrival of the Plus Parts, The R-Gun is outfitted with Hi-Twin Launchers and is upgraded into the “R-Gun Powered”.

To plug in the Plus Parts, just simply tab the rail guns onto the sides of the Beam Katars. Then plug the Katars into the new vertical positions on the R-Gun’s backpack.

Of course, as the rail guns are held on only by the Beam Katars, this means that you can’t deploy the Beam Katars anymore in this mode. Yet in the game you can clearly see it as still an available attack, hmm.. go figure..

Also make sure to fold these fins down FIRST before splitting them apart, I didn’t realize this at first, thankfully I didn’t force the split, that would’ve been disastrous. The instructions can be a bit vague.

R-Gun Powered

Hi-Twin Launchers

The pegs on the Beam Katars can actually rotate (they’re ratchet joints!), so that’s where you’re supposed to move the Launchers up or down, not at the backpack connection.

Display base – the set offers various display bases for the various modes of the R-Gun.


I decided to plant R-3 Powered on R-Gun’s HTB base to give it a little height boost in the group shot.

SRX Team in action!

SRX Ready!

R-Gun Powered Metal Genocider Mode/ Hyper Tronium Buster (HTB) Cannon mode

To form the “new” and properly upgraded HTB Cannon, you’ll have to use this alternate option part for holding onto the Plus Parts in HTB mode.

Make sure you’ve properly compressed everything on the R-Gun in order to mount the HTB onto the stand. You know you’re doing it wrong if the cannon flexes upward when you’re trying to peg the bottom ends into the display base mount. So keep pressing everything together on the HTB Cannon and allow no gaps before mounting on the stand. There’s no margin for error on it, actually.

Annoyingly though, even if you do make it right, there’s still a huge gap between the gun and display base. Sigh…

System Connect! T-Link Full Contact! Metal Genocider Mode Activate!

Tronium Engine, Full Drive!

Ryu! Grab the trigger!

“Energy Charge, 120%!”

“Ichigeki Hissatsu (Finishing Move!)! Buster Cannon!!!!!!”

Since R-Gun is on a stand, you’ll need to position SRX on his on stand to level him with the HTB.

For the curious, R-Gun Powered in HTB mode spans roughly 16 inches in length. When positioned with the SRX, it all takes up an entire 25 inches. So better have some decent shelf space for this.

Individual galleries for the SRX team:

The Good

R-Gun stands roughly 7.5 inches and weighs 152 Grams (12 inches and 213 Grams with the Hi-Twin Launchers equipped).

Diecast parts include:
-Calf sections of the legs

-Beautiful paint apps!

-Same as with the rest of the SRX team, shinning a blacklight on the visor and helmet sensor gives a nice glow effect thanks to the special paint used on those areas.

-Looks REALLY GOOD in all modes and the whole SRX team together just looks epic!

The Bad

-The figure still uses the same “remove the cuffs” concept for swapping out the fists. It’s annoying and can fall out easily, but thankfully, isn’t as bad as it was before on the R-1.

-Same as most of the SRX Team figures, the robot mode does not have any ratchet joints.

-Still no beam sword weapon (just like with the rest of the crew).

-Transformation still requires parts swapping.

-Some effects parts for the Beam Katars would’ve been nice.

The Ugly
Well.. no real QC problems for me this time, thankfully.

Overall, I love it!! The paint and finish make this one stand out in all modes! The HTB Cannon looks great with the SRX and I am very satisfied with what Sentinel accomplished here. I’m actually super tempted to get a second set just to display the SRX team un-combined.

Admittedly, it’s not perfect, due to parts swapping (and maybe lack of ratchet joints), but they’re by no means deal breakers. At least it keeps the costs down and helps the modes look better in the long run. Even with the parts swapping, it still takes a lot of time and work to transform R-Gun into its Metal Genocider Mode.

Definitely one of the best Super Robot sets I’ve ever gotten!


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