Soul of Chogokin Gx-72B Megazord Black version

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-72B Megazord Black version

The manual is a “de-colorized” version of the mass retail release’s manual.

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Mastodon Dinozord

Triceratops Dinozord

Similar with the retail release, the Triceratops features a collapsible tread sections.

Capture Chains

Sabertooth Tiger Megazord

Remember to pull out the tail section when in tiger mode for better proportions.

Pterodactyl Dinozord

Attaching the Attack Tank cannons to its feet will allow it to “stand”.

Attack Tank mode


Originally released as a 2018 SDCC exclusive item made to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Power Rangers brand, this redeco of the Gx-72 Daizyujin was released a few months later through the Tamashii Website. The most obvious way to distinguish the difference is that the Tamashii version comes with the outer brown shipper box with Japanese text. I believe the USA version does not have the shipper box. The main box and inner contents are identical for both versions (EDIT: It appears that both USA and Japan versions have the brown shipper boxes).

Power Sword

The Power Sword has a slightly darker shade of chrome and has green highlights instead of gold to match the green motif of the Dragonzord.

Mammoth Shield

With the Dragonzord

They really compliment each other.

Mega Dragonzord mode

Dragonzord Fighting mode

Transformation Notes
-Remember to flip out this foot stabilizer/ heel section for the Sabertooth Tiger. It will help balance the Megazord properly. This feature is also present the mass retail Gx-72.

-Same with the regular Gx-72, remember to flip out the clip on the Tyrannosaurus’ tail so it locks into the Megazord’s back.

-When going for the Mega Dragonzord mode, make sure the thighs on the Megazord are shifted outwards, this will greatly help balance the top-heavy toy.

Comparisons with the Gx-72 Daizyujin/ MMPR Megazord

Review gallery for the Soul of Chogokin Gx-72 Daizyujin MMPR Megazord :

The Good

The weigh in:

-Tyrannosaurus – 320 Grams
-Mammoth – 281 Grams
-Triceratops – 235 Grams
-Saber Tiger – 273 Grams
-Pteranodon – 52 Grams
-Daizyujin – 1133 Grams

Daizyujin stands roughly 10.25″ tall.

-Diecast Parts include:
–Tyrannosaurus – Inner chest, hips, connection points for the “leg Zords”, feet claws
–Mammoth – Legs
–Triceratops – main torso, feet claws, tread axle (?)
–Sabertooth Tiger – Chest, claws
–Pterodactyl – Chromed section of the chest plate.

-Beautiful paint finish

-Color scheme compliments the Dragonzord perfectly. The combined forms look great and uniformed.

The Bad

-No spare hands?
-No display base
-Severely lacking in accessories
-The tank treads and wheels for the leg Zords do not roll.

-Nothing new added to this set.

-Articulation is still very limited, same as how it was with the Gx-72.

-Beautiful as the paint job is, it is only a concept repaint for the 25th Anniversary of the MMPR brand and not based on any specific appearance of the robot in the show’s episodes.

-The biceps are a bit loose on mine. It’s not super terrible but you will notice it when you try to make the figure hold the shield and sword. It takes some finesse to get it to pose right sometimes.

-Be careful when attaching the cannons to the Pterodactyl, as the new deco now has some designs on, compared to the plain silver of the original, should this paint scrape off, it will be very visible as there’s a design now on the plate. I didn’t encounter paint scrapping pre se, but I don’t think I will be placing and removing the cannons repeatedly if I can help it.

The Ugly

The price? Being an SDCC and Tamashii Website exclusive, this figure commands a higher price than its “original colors” mass retail counterpart on the secondary market.

Overall, since this is a straight up concept repaint of an existing figure, the same pros and cons from the mass retail version generally apply (see “The Good” and “The Bad” sections). The good news is that there aren’t any real quality control problems (the bicep problem I mentioned is very minor). The paint is beautifully done and it compliments the Dragonzord perfectly.

I can only recommend this if you’re gunning for all the SOC variants or just a huge fan of the Power Rangers (particularly the Green Ranger and the Dragonzord), otherwise, one can think of better figures to spend 400+ USD on IMHO.


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