Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 – Lair Playset

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TMNT Lair Playset


Assembly required

Donatello’s workshop, comes with removable fire extinguisher…

… and the table top flips up to reveal…

… a skate board (non-removable though)

Subway railing with flip up hidden trapdoor.

Can also be used as a parking slot for the Battle Shell Van.

Railing mounted plunger firing cannons.

Working elevator lift (just goes up and down by hand)

Mikey’s favorite spot, the TV couch, the couch has a spring loaded button that flips it backwards. 🙂

Trapdoor sewer grate

Press the button and the grill and part of the floor ejects the unwanted guests.

Battle platform

With hidden weapons cache. You can actually make you figures duel it out a la foosball.

Removing the center arena and later using it as the top cover, you can close the lair up for storage (figures can be placed inside as well)

The TMNT Lair was reissued under the movie line, given a new color scheme (red bricks instead of grayish blue).

Ways off from being complete. I’m missing a lot of central characters (Karai, Baxter Stockman, Agent Bishop to name a few). Hopefully I can backtrack them one day. 🙂


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