The Bandai reissued 1/55 Scaled Valkyries

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The Bandai reissued 1/55 Scaled “Super Valkyrie”


Valkyrie mode

With the FAST pack

GERWALK Mode (“GERWALK” stands for Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint…the US versions just called it “Guardian” mode instead.. makes more sense I suppose )

From Wikipedia:

“According to an article in Animerica magazine, the form came about partially by accident. Early in the development cycle for Macross, the creators planned a main mecha called “GA-WALK”, with an ostrich-like leg configuration (similar to the enemy battle pods from the finished series). However, the idea met with resistance from the initial sponsor, which wanted a more conventional, Gundam-style robot for the hero to pilot.

When creator Shoji Kawamori designed the transforming “Breast Fighters” (later redesigned and renamed the “VF-1 Valkyrie” fighters) instead, he had no real thoughts of a third mode. But when the manufacturer Takatoku Toys sent along the prototype of a Valkyrie toy for his input, the prototype’s legs were not yet locked into place in Fighter mode, causing the legs to swing down. This was reminiscent to him of the discarded “GA-WALK” mecha idea that had been shot down early in pre-production. He liked the idea, and worked to incorporate the third mode, now renamed “GERWALK,” into Macross”

Battroid Mode

In the series, Roy Focker died after being wounded in battle, the main hero, Hikaru Ichijo (Rick Hunter in the US) would later take up the title of Commander of the Famed “Skull Squadron” after Roy’s passing. This VF1S Super Valkyrie belongs to Hikaru Ichijo (his name’s labeled on the c0ckpit hatch), repainted with a cleaner white color (Roy’s VF1S was more grayish).

Originally made by Takatoku toys, Bandai later procured the company and its toymolds and rereleased the Macrosss Valkyries.

While not as proportionally accurate as the more recent Yamato figures, this toy was the one that set the standard for Macross Valkyries many, many years. I often dreamt of owning one when I was a child. I played with a friend who’s older brother collected the entire Macross line and I would oogle at their collection for minutes whenever I would drop by on weekends. Good times.

Armor parts.

Apart from the minor problems in proportion, not much can be complained about this toy, built pretty solidly, has diecast chest plates, legs. This is definitely in stark contrast to the Yamato figure which has more fragile parts.

Fun Fact, after Bandai lost the rights to the toys for a while, a company known as “Takara” would later scoop them up, and repaint the VF1S super design into ” Jetfire” from Transformers G1. Unfortunately Bandai now re-owns the rights to the designs and toy molds and therefore this means Hasbro/Takara won’t be reissing the G1 Jetfire toy.

Alongside the other Bandai 1/55 Valkyrie reissues.


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