TMNT 2003 vehicles

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TMNT 2003 vehicles


Yeah! This is stuff that got me into this line! Cool vehicles that can carry 3 or four or more figures! I’m still praying for the one day when we get a vehicle based on the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 that can ride all four GBs at once (movie or animated will do.. just not the “Extreme” GB series though.)

The Turtle Battle Shell Van

Seats 5 TMNT figures (well, 6 if you put in a slender figure like Utrom in there )

“It’s a shell of a town!!”

The TMNT Sewer Slider

The Turtle’s first vehicle, the Sewer Slider has hover capabilites, allowing it to travel across both land and water.

The Shell Sub

Sadly, the sub can only hold one figure, unlike in the show all four could fit inside.

The Shell Cycle

Comes with only one action feature, hidden missile below the headlights.

The bike can ride two figures.

The Turtle Tunneler (this vehicle was not released locally)

Spoiler-mounted search lights

A bit small next to the Shell Cycle.

Seats only one figure (in the cartoon, the Tunneler was like a tank and could carry several figures inside).

Figures can also ride shotgun on the spoiler platform.

The Space Cruiser

Originally belonging to the Triceraton Emperor, Zanramon, the Turtles “liberated” it during their escape from the Triceraton world.

Comes with “blast away” damaged parts. like the wings.

Seats up to six TMNT figures inside. There’s also a bottom trapdoor escape hatch form whenever the TMNT need to bail out.

I guess my biggest complaint would have to be the color. Mustard yellow isn’t really the first color one thinks of when it comes to TMNT and/or space ships. There’s also a huge sticker sheet for you to “customize” the ship if needed.

How four unemployed mutants maintain such a huge fleet of vehicles is beyond me.

What I really like about this line’s vehicles is that even though they don’t have that many features, the ability to carry all four TMNT inside is a huge plus. Just like in the shows. The only other toyline to do this was G.i.Joe : A Real American Hero. It’s a shame Mattel didn’t try to make a Javelin 7 ship that could carry all Seven League members.

I also prefer the TMNT lair compared to Castle Grayskull, the play features are all present in every quadrant of the lair, unlike the Castle there are some dead spots where all you can do is just put a figure in there to stand.


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