TMNT 2014 Movie 4 pack

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TMNT 2014 Movie 4 pack





Hmm.. interesting note, instead of the usual “painted on” masks, we get separate pieces of colored plastic for the heads.

The movie was okay, better than what I expected, but still, I wish the origin was a bit better (Splinter learning ninjitsu from a book?! )

The four pack is a straight up repack of the singles. Down to accessories, at a much lower SRP to boot. Makes sense to open this instead of the singles.

TMNT movie…. Cowabunga or Cowabungled?

Supposedly, the TMNT’s faces were modeled after real life people.

Leonardo – Russell Crowe’s eyes, Nelson Mandela’s lips
Donatello – Leonard Nimoy
Raphael – Clint Eastwood
Michaelangelo – Bill Murray

Master Splinter – Toshiro Mifune


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