TMNT 2014 Movie Turtle Assault Van

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TMNT 2014 Movie Turtle Assault Van

Box top

Turtles can grip onto the rear handlebars.

Opening rear doors and Mickey’s Luge vehicle.

Luge go!

Satellite dish and missile launcher

The front opens up.

Now, the turtles don’t exactly sit down… they’re kind of more, “standing in place” really…

Side access ramp.

Roof access

Now… if you know your way around these things, you can remove all the parts so you can return the van to the box. The only tricky part is getting the rear right side wheel to come off. You will have to squeeze the clips from under the luge ramp to release the wheel.

Say what you will about Playmates, at least their “primary” vehicles can fit all the turtles inside…

It’s a shame we didn’t get much action with this vehicle other than Mickey blowing up Vern’s car. Would’ve been cool if it had like a “Batmobile” chase sequence or something…


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