TMNT Movie 2 Out of the Shadows Technodrome

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Death Star Dejavu?

When you turn the vehicle around, you see the exposed side.

You can open up the structure even more, to make it seem more expansive, empty as it is though.

Main control center

There’s a secret trap door underneath the control center.

Missile-firing cannons

Another secret trap door? Really?? It’s like they ran out of ideas for a playset. Tsk…

Battle time!

Rolling wheels

This post stops the vehicle from rolling…. So I guess this makes it the “brakes”.

Personally I think this vehicle needs to be bigger. Also, I miss the giant eyeball on the top that was on the vintage Technodrome, that’s what made it stand out from the Death Star. This one just seems too “Death Star –ish” without it.

Overall, for me, the Technodrome toy is a bit of a letdown. There’s just not enough to keep it fun, or interesting. I liked the Turtle Truck better than this. The closest I can describe it is the Marvel Avengers movie S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. It’s just there for you place your figs next to, but the play value is close to non-existent. Dang! Such a wasted concept.


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