Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide Fangry

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Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide Fangry

Titan Master Brisko

A former Nebulan cartographer (one who makes maps), Brisko possesses a photographic memory, which allows him to remember all that he sees and recreate them on his maps for the Decepticons to use. In the original Marvel Comics runs, Brisko is shown to be a person resembling an African American.

Head On!


Rebellious, violent and highly prone to attack anyone who gives him orders, Fangry is a huge headache for Decepticon commanders. Unwilling to take advice from anyone, this Headmaster tends to do whatever he pleases on and off the battlefield.

The figure is a heavy retool of Titans Return Grotusque/ Twinferno.

Sheesh they weren’t kidding when reviewers said this figure suffers from VERY loose knees. It’s ridiculously bad. The figure falls over 90% of the time, unless you tighten the friction joints with some liquid nail polish or something.

Lol… it looks so weird to see the Tech Specs displayed so blatantly in a “modern” figure. I get the vintage throwback, but it looks stupid, particularly when you realize there’re no actual bar indicators to accompany the headers. So what was the point?

His wings allow Fangry to fly short distances.

Unfortunately, the set does not include any weapons for Fangry, not even his iconic “semi-automatic Ion Pulse Gun, or even his shield. Sigh..

Beast mode

Brisko can ride inside Fangry’s chest cavity.

Fangry’s jaw can be opened in beast mode.

Overall, not bad, but not particularly great. The only true “unique” character in the pricey 4-figure boxset, I was expecting this guy to at least come with a weapon or something. I didn’t care for the other figures in the boxset (Nemesis Primal, Blackarachnia and Bumblebee), so I decided to just get Fangry and save at least more than half of what I would’ve paid for the boxset.

I seriously wonder if we’ll see his buddies Horri-bull and Squeezeplay down the road? Hasbro sure likes taking its time…

The figure is only available as a part of the “Buzzworthy Bumblebee: Worlds Collide” 4-pack and released in the US as a Target exclusive. Note that the set shares only one manual across all four figures, so sellers might not include a manual with loose copies.


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