Transformers Generations Selects Black Zarak

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Transformers Generations Selects Black Zarak

I think we haven’t seen plastic packaging for Titans Class figures since Metroplex…

The box is roughly the same size as the Earthrise Scorponok and other Titan Class figures, spanning 24 x 14.5 x 6 inches in dimension.

Titan Master Lord Zarak

Once leader of the Decepticons following Galvatron’s defeat in Alaska, Zarak returns in with a new transtector body after his original one was destroyed in the finale of the Japanese Headmasters continuity.

The figure is a redeco of Earthrise Scorponok Titan Master Lord Zarak

Head On!

Lord Zarak

After completing his new transtector, Zarak is eventually captured and brainwashed into becoming a thrall of an evil alien entity called Devil Z, in effect, placing all Decepticons under Devil Z’s command as well.

This figure is a heavy retool of the Deluxe Class figure from the Earthrise Scorponok set.

The eyepatch and chest “scar” are an homage to his appearance in the Transformers Zone manga (which takes place after Masterforce and Victory). I guess he survived being “killed” somehow by God Ginrai’s Final Fire Guts attack at the end of Masterforce? I guess that also means he forgot the concept of replacement parts for some reason.

Unlike the Scorponok mold, the horns for the Titan mode have no where to go on his backpack, so they can only be set up on his arms.

Giant scorpion battle station mode

Same as with Scorponok, the shield parts go underneath the tail in Scorpion mode.

City mode

Head On!

Black Zarak

Created to be Lord Zarak’s new trastector, this body is supposedly smaller than his original one but is still taller than a combiner. The body is now outfitted with a denser type of armor as well.

The figure is a redeco of Earthrise Scorponok with a new head.

Black Zarak stands roughly 22 inches tall and weighs 2966 Grams.

The set comes with a collar piece left over from Scorponok, I guess you can use it, if you plan to swap the heads around. But as is, this piece has no function here, as the new head is too bulky to accommodate the collar attachment.

As this figure base is still Scorponok, it also suffers from the “missing ankle” syndrome.

Black Zarak still comes Scorponok’s Zarak Shield accessory.

In Anime, for this new body, Zarak “pilots” the giant mech from within its chest cavity (as opposed to the regular way a “Headmaster” operates), so it can still function despite its head being blown off (as seen in more than one episode, when Ginrai managed to take out the head on two separate occassions, surprising the latter).

As one of his new powers in the series, Black Zarak could create black holes to teleport himself across space, as well as trap his enemies in them.

The set also comes with his Tyrant Spear. So Black Roritchi’s alt mode isn’t required anymore here. The Spear comes in several pieces so some assembly required.

Dakatsu mode

After being repeatedly defeated by the Autobots, Devil Z finally joins the battle himself by completely taking over Lord Zarak’s body. In the final battle against God Ginrai, the loss of his transtector’s head (again) prompts him to change into an all-new form, as that of a two-headed serpent. While the toy can more or less replicate the look, there’s just no way to prop it up without leaning it on something. I wonder if someone would design a 3D printed tripod for it?

Overall, a pretty great set. I still prefer the colors on Scorponok, but it’s great to finally have Black Zarak to pair up against Grand Maximus. Everything comes up pretty good with this set and they even included the Tyrant Spear to boot. I’m also very glad this was made as a wide retail release and not just a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive (unlike LG-Ex Grand Maximus), making this guy more affordable. I really hope Has-Tak was able to address the gold plastic syndrome that plagued the original vintage toy (it caused the gold plastic to crumble and dissintegrate) and it doesn’t happen here.


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